In my head I was not sick.

I could no longer walk properly – but I was not sick.

Pain was my daily share – but I was not sick.

Sleeping was not an easy task – but I was not sick.

The diagnose of rheumatoid arthritis was a fact – but I was not sick.

Digestion was a thing of dreams – flatulence a thing of reality – but I was not sick.

And suddenly I broke, my head gave way to a flood of pain. It invaded me. The pain claimed me! Hereby Hannah Green’s quote “Health is not simply the absence of sickness” encapsulated all my thoughts, my behaviour.

I was ready for change!

I was ready for a painfree life

I was ready to listen, to adapt and to become pain-free.

Are you tired of being tired?

Are you no longer willing to accept a status quo?

Are YOU ready for a pain-free life?

Choose freedom of pain! Choose me to help you achieve your goal to live, to play hard to work harder, to exercise, to travel, to love but foremost to eat again!

Take up the challenge together with me for a pain-free life!